Lice Facts 101       



Let’s start by establishing some facts about head lice:



  • 1 of the top 3 reasons kids miss school.

  • Extremely common! Between 6-12 million U.S. kids 3-11 years old get head lice each year.

  • Not dangerous, but are contagious (and annoying).

  • NOT signs of unwashed or unclean hair. They thrive in clean hair!

  • Unable to jump, fly or swim.

  • Unable to live on your pets.

  • Unable to live in your environment (couch, carpet, furniture, pillow, sheets, mattress, car, movie theater, airplane).



  • Use proven, manual head lice removal methods and all-natural products.

  • Daily wash only the clothing, bedding, brushes, and hair accessories used during your head lice infestation.

  • Screen your entire household as soon as one child has head lice.

  • Tell your school and friends you have head lice to avoid cross-pollination. Spread the word, not the lice!

  • Relax and take a deep breath!


  • Don’t replace your furnishings (including your mattress).

  • Don’t wash your entire wardrobe.

  • Don’t use toxic products or ineffective home remedies for head lice. Some over-the-counter shampoos can be highly toxic (especially for kids), yet many strains of lice are immune to the chemicals.

  • Don’t cut your hair or pour olive oilmayonnaiseListerinetea tree oil, vinegar, Vaseline, or gasoline on it — these methods don’t work. Some are dangerous; others are better used as a preventative measure or in tandem with a lice comb.

  • Don’t panic! Lice Ranger is here to help! Call us at 713.868.5423.


The sooner head lice are detected, the better. Quick action and preventive measures can minimize their spread and chance of returning.


Parents Preventative Measures:

  • Screen your child for head lice once a week.

  • Be extra vigilant after returning from any school, camp, or holiday break (places where outbreaks tend to occur more often).

  • Promote lice screenings at your school/camp — they will help limit outbreaks.

If you hear of a lice outbreak:

  • Don't wait for “the letter” to come home from school—check your child on a weekly basis for head lice. 

  • Long hair should be worn back (preferably in a braid) or up.

  • Spray hair daily with a Mint (peppermint, rosemary tea tree) Spray. Lice are repelled by the scent of mint. 

  • Do not share hair brushes!

If you find head lice on your child:

  • Notify your school, friends, and family immediately to help curtail spread.

  • Wash all affected clothing.

  • Don’t panic! Lice Ranger is here to help! Call us at 713.868.5423.


  • Screen your school/camp for lice once a month.

  • Remove any negative stigma attached to contracting head lice by educating families and staff, and by promoting speedy notification of parents.


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