Comparison of Different
Treatment Methods

We are a locally owned, small business and have performed thousands of head lice treatments since 2010. We are exceptional at what we do.

Comparison of Different Methods of Removing Head Lice

Lice Ranger

OTC Shampoos

Hot Air Machines



Our head lice treatments use all natural products. They are safe and effective for all ages and pregnant women.


Varies upon age and respiratory health. Allergies, eye and skin irritation.

Cannot be used on children under the age of 3 or treat persons who cannot sense temperature or pain; who cannot communicate physical discomfort; who have open head wounds, sores, or visible signs of skin or scalp abnormalities or who have received radiation treatment of the head within the last 6 months; or those who have cranial or facial implants. 


$120 Girls/Women

$75 Boys/Men

Includes lice comb
100% removal
of lice and nits, a 7 day free follow-up and 30 days of free head checks. 

Parents often buy several times because OTC treatments requires 10 to 15 hours per week of combing

$ 175 +
Depending on treatment option chosen.


30 days + 30 days of free head checks. 


0 to 15 to 30 days dependent upon the treatment option chosen

Discounted rates are for those covered under state assistance, as well as our military veterans, educators, and first responders. Verification is required, please contact us for more information.

We accept cash, debit,
credit cards, HSA and FSA.
more information.


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