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Lice Ranger is a professional lice and nit removal clinic that delivers the most effective head lice treatment in Houston. At Lice Ranger, we have been in business since 2010. We are certified lice removal specialists. Our staff is professionally trained and we are committed removing lice and nits from your life quickly and safely. If you suspect that you or one of your family members has head lice, schedule a confidential appointment today. You and your family can be lice free today.  

  • Affordable: Our lice and nit removal treatments are safe, non-toxic, all natural,effective, school recommended and affordable. When compared to other lice removal services, our one-time treatment, free follow-up, 30-day guarantee and 90 days of free head checks makes Lice Ranger your best choice for treatment.​ We also offer specials and promotions.

  • Consultation: We offer initial phone and email consultation completely free of charge, both before and after treatment of head lice.

  • Convenient: One treatment completely eliminates lice. We provide lice & nit free certificate upon request at no additional charge.

We have flexible hours that are tailored to fit your busy life. For the best Houston head lice treatment, make an appointment now and eliminate lice today!

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