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The Lice Ranger lice removal treatment is effective, affordable and all natural. Our lice treatment is  guaranteed and only one treatment is needed. We believe that head lice treatments should be affordable and handled with a sense of urgency. While head lice does not cause serious health threat, they are certainly a huge inconvenience. 

Our Lice Ranger Team of experts has been helping Houston families eliminate head lice since 2010. We are the most most affordable, effective and highly recommended by physicians, school nurses, pharmacists, and hair stylists.

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“We LOVE Lice Ranger. Not only did she answer on a Sunday evening, but also on a holiday weekend, and even worked with our very unique situation (and about 13 heads of lice-- yikes!). We are Lice Ranger fans for life!"

Nancy L.


“I cant believe how easy these ladies made this incredibly stressful situation for me. Being a mom going through this for the first time had me freaking out to say the least. The owner and women who work there were so very patient with all the questions I had and were very informative. Left completely lice free and completely satisfied! Thank you Lice Ranger!"


Tawney T.

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“They're great! They are so thorough, patient, and professional.

Angelica S.

“When I found lice in my son’s hair I was totally freaked out. Being the first experience, I was unaware of how to handle the situation. All the horror stories from other parents had my head spinning. Lice Ranger truly was a gift from God! They immediately got us seen and walked us through the entire process from checking the entire family to properly cleaning our home. My anxiety had diminished with their support. I would tell anyone dealing with this problem to take a trip to Lice Ranger. You will not regret your decision!.”

Gina M


Lice in 42 States Are Resistant to OTC-Superlice


Over the counter lice shampoos are no longer effective.  Texas is one of the 42 states where over the counter shampoos like Rid and Nix will not kill the lice or nits. Lice have developed a widespread resistance to over-the-counter shampoos because the same chemicals have been used since the 1980's. Recent research has shown that 99% of lice were found to be immune to the effects of insecticides. Prescription treatments only show a 70% to 80% effectiveness rate.


Parents continue to use it because it is easy to find and seems inexpensive. Parents want do something immediately because they don't want to see bugs crawling on their child's head. But what they discover it that it isn't an easy fix. Getting rid of the bugs is a lot easier than getting the nits out of the hair.


Yes, a professional lice removal clinic may sound expensive, but it normally takes approximately 1 to 2 hours. Your child can return to school and you do not have to miss a whole day of work. Give us a call or text us at 713.868.5423.  We can help.


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