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Professional Lice Treatment
in Houston

Lice Ranger is the leader in helping families handle a lice infestation. We know how stressful it can be for parents. and caregivers. We work quickly to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and begin a lice treatment as soon as possible. Rather than trying to eliminate lice yourself with costly shampoos and combs, contact our professional lice removal experts to schedule an appointment today! We offer fast and effective treatment solutions that will save you time, money and frustration.


Head Lice


When you visit our lice removal center in Houston, our technicians will carefully inspect your hair and scalp for any signs of lice. Our friendly and professional staff is thoroughly trained to recognize mild, moderate and severe head lice symptoms. Once you have been thoroughly screened, our lice specialists will provide you with a detailed diagnosis of your lice infestation. We’ll then work with you to determine the best treatment solution for your head lice and take the appropriate actions to eliminate lice from your life.

Lice can quickly spread from person to person, and if your child has come home from school with lice, then you and the other members of your household may be affected as well. If you are concerned that your entire family could be infected with head lice, we’ll perform a head and scalp inspection for everyone in your household, and we will waive the inspection fee if lice treatment is needed


  • Affordable: No hourly/hidden fees. One low-cost, flat rate with guaranteed results. Includes 7 day free follow-up and 3 months of free head checks.

  • Convenient: One treatment completely eliminates head lice. "Lice Free" Certificates are also provided upon request and at no additional charge.

  • Effective: Lice Ranger is Houston's leader in lice treatments. We use a patented micro-grove lice comb and our lice removal service has a 100% guarantee.

  • Safe: Our specialists will remove all head lice with just one non-toxic, pesticide-free treatment.



“We LOVE Lice Ranger. Not only did she answer on a Sunday evening, but also on a holiday weekend, and even worked with our very unique situation (and about 13 heads of lice-- yikes!). We are Lice Ranger fans for life!"

Nancy L.


“I cant believe how easy these ladies made this incredibly stressful situation for me. Being a mom going through this for the first time had me freaking out to say the least. The owner and women who work there were so very patient with all the questions I had and were very informative. Left completely lice free and completely satisfied! Thank you Lice Ranger!"

Tawney T.

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“They're great! They are so thorough, patient, and professional.

Angelica S.

“When I found lice in my son’s hair I was totally freaked out. Being the first experience, I was unaware of how to handle the situation. All the horror stories from other parents had my head spinning. Lice Ranger truly was a gift from God! They immediately got us seen and walked us through the entire process from checking the entire family to properly cleaning our home. My anxiety had diminished with their support. I would tell anyone dealing with this problem to take a trip to Lice Ranger. You will not regret your decision!.”

Gina M